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Virus Removal

We offer excellent tech support, for your Windows computer, at reasonable prices. This is a list of our services:

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Your Tech Support Guy


Austin, TX USA

We provide the finest remote tech support available on the web. We do this by making a secure connection between your computer and ours. Once the link is established, we can run diagnostics and apply fixes to your Windows computer just as though we were sitting there beside you. We can diagnose viruses, hijackers and other types of Malware on your system. Once identified, we can eradicate the offenders and restore your system to the way it was before the attack. When we are finished, we terminate the connection to your computer and we can never access it again without your permission. We also offer a complete satisfaction guarantee. If we can't solve your problem there's no charge.

If you think you have a virus, or your computer is acting "wierd", like taking you to websites you never asked for, or showing you numerous ad's that you never saw before, or just acting sluggish and not the same as when you first got it. Just give us a call for a free consultation. We will discuss your situation with you at no charge. Our number is 888-638-3928. Think of us as Your Tech Support Guy.